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Come As You Are

A Novel About Balancing Work, Family, and a Chick Rock Band


Margo Bevelacqua is a gorgeous siren with a successful gardening show on The Outdoor Network. Kit Greene is a single mother living back at home with her aging father. Ten years earlier, these thirty-something women were best friends who played in the late 90s Philadelphia girl group, Broad Street. Time and circumstances drove them apart, but when they get an invitation to play the esteemed Women of Rock national tour, they put aside their differences to reform their old band. The women must contend with stalkers, crazy celebrities, married television executives, and eccentric parents to find ways to harmonize the many facets of their lives.

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Christine Weiser's fantastic book Come As You Are sucked me in like nothing I've read in a long time.

Musician Palmyra Delran, host of the Sunday morning “Trash-Pop Shindig” radio show on Little Steven’s Underground Garage


Come As You Are effortlessly straddles the competing interests of 'hits a little too close to home' and 'write what you know' with warmth, wit, and crystalline prosethat crackles with been-there- done-that authenticity.

Jonathan Valania, Editor-In-Chief, PHAWKER.COM

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