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My novels are largely inspired by my time playing guitar in bands, most recently in RunHideFight, described by New Noise Magazine as a band that "rips with energy, chord progressions and a gritty attitude ready to stand its ground."

Come As You Are

ISBN-13: 978-0990471561

Come As You Are is a novel about balancing work, family, and a chick rock band. Margo Bevelacqua is a gorgeous siren with a successful gardening show on The Outdoor Network. Kit Greene is a single mother living back at home with her aging father. Ten years earlier, these thirty-something women were best friends who played in the late 90s Philadelphia girl group, Broad Street. Time and circumstances drove them apart, but when they get an invitation to play the esteemed Women of Rock national tour, they put aside their differences to reform their old band. The women must contend with stalkers, crazy celebrities, married television executives, and eccentric parents to find ways to harmonize the many facets of their lives. Come As You Are is a sequel to Weiser’s debut novel, Broad Street, described by the Philadelphia Inquirer as a "terrific Philadelphia rock roman a clef.”

Broad Street

ISBN-13: 978-0979335013

Christine Weiser's debut novel follows the fictive all-girl Philadelphia rock-group, Broad Street, through the highs and lows of struggling for success in the male-dominated Philadelphia rock scene. When Kit Greene and Margo Bevilacqua make a drunken pact to form a band with the sole purpose of outshining the musical men in their lives, they have no idea what awaits them: gigs in seedy bars, obsessed fans, threats from a stalker, parties with biker gangs, and a seemingly endless quest to secure a steady drummer. Meanwhile, both women must learn to juggle their personal, professional and musical lives as they deal with ex-boyfriends, mind-numbing day jobs, and hard-to-please parents as they claw their way to the top of the Philly rock pile. Through it all, Kit and Margo learn that they don't have to sell a million records to find success - that the bigger challenge is figuring out how to harmonize all of the facets of their lives.

The Mom Squad

E-Book Only

The Mom Squad is a mystery about a former up-and-coming rock star turned reluctant stay-at-home mom who stumbles upon a case of citywide corruption in Philadelphia. Enlisting the help of her playgroup moms, she juggles a toddler, a cantankerous stepdaughter, and an absentee husband in order to solve the murder that seems tied to the mayoral election – and possibly the husbands of her playgroup moms.

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