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Cleaver Magazine

"A perfectly on-the-nose story about Philadelphia, rock music, and coming of age the second time around."


Philly Voice: Rocker/author Christine Weiser gets the bands back together

Mae Pang and Broad Street get a surprise sequel on Saturday.


Philadelphia Inquirer: 15 things to do in Philadelphia this weekend

Former Mae Pang bassist Christine Weiser is a novelist now, but that doesn't mean she can't get the band back together to celebrate her new book.



Philadelphia Inquirer
"Christine Weiser has created excellently-named bands both actual and fictional. The best part about Broad Street, though, is that Weiser is a real writer who gets Kit's interior voice down in clean, concise prose."


Fumbling with Fiction

Don’t get me wrong because I love me some mainstream publishers. But every once in awhile it’s cool to find some indie pubs doing it right. (Broad Street’s) got a chick lit feel and yet the characters aren’t just shopping, learning to bake, or discovering that their dreamy real estate agent killed somebody. Weiser takes a commercial plotline and makes it her own.

Peeking Between the Pages
I was hooked from the first page. This book holds so much…in terms of strong women and finding yourself in a sometimes mixed up world. For me it was a fun and fast read.

Well-chosen music references and tales of dingy clubs, untrustworthy journalists and business insiders anchor stories of Kit’s personal turmoil.


Library Thing
As I may have mentioned before, I'm not a fan of chicklit, but, having read and enjoyed Broad Street, that may change.

Internet Review of Books: Worth Mentioning
Anyone who has desired to be in a rock band—and let’s face it, who hasn’t stood in front of the mirror with a fake microphone longing for the big break—or likes edgy characters with grit and determination, will laugh along at the exploits of Weiser’s engaging heroines.

Just One More Page
Ms. Weiser managed to hook me, not only by the story but by her elegant writing.

BCF Book Reviews
This book is not a lighthearted romp through the rock star world. It is an intense, touching… look at what it takes to get to the top.

Philly Girl About Town
Author Christine Weiser called the band "Broad Street" as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the often not-women friendly music scene. However, Kit and Margo in the book appropriate the name as a badge of honor, proud of their outsider status which really in turn brings them closer inside the 90s male-dominated music.

Philly Burbs
Broad Street is an immeasurably fun foray into the fictional world of an all-girl rock group that shares the novel's same witty name and tongue-in-cheek attitude. Weiser's writing is fueled by her own experience as a bass player for successful Philly acts such as Mae Pang and The Tights. She was kind enough to answer some questions about her new book and what it is like being part of the Philadelphia music scene.

Small Press Reviews
The first thing I noticed about Christine Weiser's debut novel, Broad Street, is the cover. Hot pink with an iconic Roy Lichtenstein-esque illustration of a woman in a blue evening gown rocking out on a bass guitar, the artwork struck me as fresh and bold-more Mexican wrestling poster (and I mean that in a good way!) than staid book cover-which, it turns out, makes it the perfect match for Weiser's fresh, bold literary voice.

The Morning Call
Because the author played bass in Mae Pang, a garage-rock act with a regional rep, and ''Broad Street'' is written in the first person, Weiser gets asked about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll -- a lot.


City Paper
The story of an all-girl Philly rock band, (Broad Street) hardily talks a blue-and-gray streak about Philly's '90s indie-rawk past - which Weiser's former band, the punky Mae Pang, was queen of.


Bucks Magazine
Christine Weiser’s dream found life at the point where the impulse of youth and the wisdom that comes with maturity overlapped.


Examiner Profile
Joan Hanna profiles Christine in her women writers series.



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